Where are you located?

We are located at 150 Dexter Road Spartanburg, SC 29303. We are on the Northside of Spartanburg right near Hearon Circle. 

What is the Spartanburg Humane Society and what do you do?

We are a non-profit who cares for the lost and unwanted pets in our community. Our main mission is to provide quality care and attention for these pets, while also finding them a family. We provide low cost vaccination and parasitic prevention, helping to ease the financial burden some pet parents face in our community. We also heavily focus on outreach programs through community adoption events, services days with local businesses, and education lessons in our school districts.

Are you a no-kill faciliy?

Labels can often times be misleading. Many “no-kill” shelters place restrictions on the animals they take in (no pit bulls, no seniors, no newborns, no heartworm positive dogs, no bite history etc.).

We do not discriminate upon intake for any reason: breed, age, size, temperament.
We DO NOT euthanize for space. We will keep an animal as long as it takes to find their perfect fit. We have animals stay with us as short as five days, and some as long as over three years.

The ONLY time we ever consider euthanasia is if it’s a medical condition that CANNOT be treated and is making the animal’s quality of life poor. In rare cases we do also have to euthanize for behavior. This is decided after giving the animal multiple months with us, in order to allow time for trust to build. If after months of being with us their behavior is still unpredictable, we may have to euthanize


Do you guys spay and neuter?

We no longer offer spay and neuter services as we do not have a full-time vet on staff. We recommend checking with local veterinarian clinics. Spay/neuter is a routine surgery and many clinics can give you a good estimate for a base price for the service. You can also check with Animal Allies. They are low-cost spay neuter clinic in the upstate and can be reached at (864) 576-6971.


How do I surrender my pet to you?

We currently operate on a waiting list for large dogs. The waiting list enables us to give each animal the time they so deserve to find their new home. To be placed on our waitlist you can call 864.583.4805 ext. 116. Please understand there are surrender fees.

We do NOT receive any of your Spartanburg County tax dollars. We operate solely on donations and charging the lowest price we can for services like surrendering your pet.

There is another resource called https://home-home.org/. This website allows you to rehome your pet without the animal setting foot inside a shelter.


Where can I see the adoptable animals?

All of our adoptable animals can be found online by clicking here. Our website is updated in real time. As soon as an animal gets adopted, it’s removed from the website. What you see on our website are the ONLY animals we have available for adoption.

Can I walk through and look at the dogs?

Our dogs view us as their temporary home and family. When people they have never met before walk through our kennels this increases their stress levels for a variety of reasons. They see a new person and think they are going to get to go out and then have an immediate sense of disappointment and frustration when you pass on to the next kennel. They see a new person and become scared and defensive because you are approaching their safe space and they don’t know your intentions.

So, what was our solution? We have you either look at our website or chat with an adoption counselor to see the type of animal and the personality you have in mind. Once you have a good list, we then bring the animals to visit with you a nice neutral room. This way you get to see the truest version of the dog, that we know and love.

How do I report animal cruelty?

You will need to contact the animal control agency for where the animal is located. These animal control officers can issue citations, open up investigations, and provide welfare checks for the animals in their jurisdiction.

Spartanburg County Animal Control can be reached at 864.596.3582 and City Animal Control can be reached at 864.582.1558.

Will you pick up an animal?

We are not the agency that picks up animals. You will need to contact the animal control agency for where the animal is located. Spartanburg County Animal Control can be reached at 864.596.3582 Spartanburg City Animal Control can be reached at 864.582.1558.

What should I do with a stray I've found?

You should contact the Animal Control Agency of where you found the animal. If you found your animal in Spartanburg County, your contact is Spartanburg County Animal Control at 864.596.3582. If you found the animal in the city, your contact is Spartanburg City Animal Control at 864.582.1558. If the animal is in another county, you need to contact the animal control office for that county.

If either of these agencies are closed, you can also contact non -emergency 9-1-1- at 864-596-2222.

Do you receive tax dollars?

We have a small contract with the City of Spartanburg, this makes up less than 5% of our annual budget. If you live in Spartanburg County we do not receive any of your tax dollars. We are a donor driven privately funded non-profit.

How can I make a donation?

You can make a donation online by clicking here.  You can make a donation over the phone by calling 864.583.4805 ext. 118. You can make a donation by mailing in a check or coming in person to 150 Dexter Road Spartanburg, SC 29303. Every dollar helps every collar!

Does my donation to the ASPCA or to the Humane Society of the United States come to you?

We are a separate agency and are unaffiliated with any other shelter. We are not affiliated with the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States. We do not get your donation, unless you donate directly through us. 

How do I get a job with the Spartanburg Humane Society?

We are always looking for help! You can apply online here. If you don’t see a job listed but you feel you have other talents that you can bring to the table, you are welcome to email your resume to [email protected]

Are you building a new shelter?

We are not currently building a new shelter, but we have plans for a large state of the art facility. Spartanburg County has approved plans for a new facility for their own stray animals. We are separate for Spartanburg County Animal Control. We are the facility for strays found in the city limits of Spartanburg as well as owner surrenders from all over the county, as space allows. We are a private non-profit and not affiliated with Spartanburg County or Spartanburg County Animal Control.

We have outgrown our current building. We have an ambitious goal of building a humane society campus. We don’t want to simply house animals. We want to create an environment designed with the animal’s comfort and health in mind. We want to have an expansive outdoor play area for the dogs. We want a state-of-the-art veterinarian clinic not only for the community to have affordable health care for their pets but to also have veterinarian field members participate in educational demonstrations. We want an interactive education center similar to museums for people and children of all ages to learn about the issues the animals in our community face like being left outside in the heat, heartworm disease, and more. As you can imagine, this type of building will take a lot of time and resources. Please feel free to keep checking our website and social media as we know this is a long-term, goal. You can donate to our building fund too!
If donating via a check mailed in to 150 Dexter Road Spartanburg, SC 29303 write new building in the memo. If donating online by clicking here, you can type New Building Fund in the notes section. If donating over the phone (864-583-4805 ext. 118) or in person make sure to notify the Spartanburg Humane Society Representative you are speaking with,  it is for the new building fund.

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